Rely On A Chiropractor, Not Yourself, For Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Posted on: 4 September 2017

When you think about electronic muscle stimulation—a process that includes pads stuck to your skin that are connected to wires carrying an electronic pulse—you'll often think of two things. One may be receiving this form of therapy in a chiropractic or physical therapy clinic, while the other may be buying an electronic muscle stimulator (perhaps after seeing it on a late-night infomercial) and treating yourself. If you're in pain and are thinking about electronic muscle stimulation, you may be tempted to buy your own device and treat yourself. Here's why you should rely on your chiropractor instead.

The Chiropractor Knows Which Muscles to Treat

When you visit the chiropractor for electronic muscle stimulation, the device will be in the hands of a trained and skilled professional who has a comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy and the multitude of physical issues that it faces. This means that if you're nursing back pain, for example, the chiropractor will know exactly where the machine's adhesive pads need to be placed. If you were to attempt to treat yourself with your own machine, you'd only be guessing—and this may leave you with results that are less than favorable.

The Machine Will Be Much Better

Electronic muscle stimulation machines sold to consumers won't necessarily give you the quality that you want. Some of these machines are sold under the guise of working your muscles to strengthen them without you having to do any physical exercise, which is a dubious concept at best. The electronic muscle stimulation machine that your local chiropractor employs will definitely be of considerably higher quality than whatever you can find in a store or off an infomercial. This means that the chiropractor's machine will undoubtedly do a superior job of treating your ailment.

The Chiropractor Can Use Complementary Therapies

When you attempt to treat yourself with an electronic muscle stimulation machine, you'll essentially be placing the pads where you think they should go and hoping for the best. In the hands of a chiropractor, however, this machine is just one tool that the chiropractor can use to alleviate your physical discomfort. Often, you'll find that chiropractors use electronic muscle stimulation alongside other forms of therapy, whether it's a few specific chiropractic adjustments, some active release therapy, or even the use of massage techniques. In this scenario, the machine's role becomes even more valuable in helping you get free from pain.

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