4 Tips For Relieving Back Pain While Pregnant

Posted on: 27 September 2017

Pregnancy involves a lot of aches and pains, as your body experiences dramatic changes and accommodates the extra weight. For many women, back pain is an especially frustrating aspect of pregnancy, making it difficult to sleep and affecting your overall comfort level. Luckily, there are specific back pain treatments you can do to help relieve your back pain during pregnancy. Here are four ideas to try:

Visit a Chiropractor

A chiropractor will help adjust your back's alignment to alleviate your pain. Chiropractors are used to working with pregnant women, and their treatments are generally safe at all stages of pregnancy. In fact, chiropractic care for pregnant women has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Many chiropractors even have specially designed chairs or treatment tables for pregnant women, to comfortably and safely accommodate your baby bump. Chiropractic treatments can often be combined with massage or acupuncture to really maximize the pain-relieving and stress-reducing benefits of chiropractic treatment. 

Sign Up for Pre-Natal Yoga Classes

Yoga classes for pregnant women help alleviate back pain, as well as leg and shoulder pain, by gently stretching the affected muscles and tendons. In addition, pre-natal yoga helps strengthen your core muscles, which can contribute to an easier and less painful labor and delivery. Pre-natal yoga classes are offered at all experience levels, so even if you have never taken a yoga class before, you can find the class that works best for you. 

Wear the Right Shoes

You need shoes with extra support during pregnancy, to help absorb the extra weight and prevent straining your back and legs. Avoid high heels as much as possible, but it's also important to avoid flimsy flats, sandals, or sneakers with no arch support. Well-designed flats and sneakers with great arch support can make a huge difference in your overall pain level. Memory foam or gel insoles will add additional support and comfort.

Make Sure Your Bed is Comfortable

Sleeping on an old, lumpy, or hard mattress during pregnancy definitely contributes to back pain as well as negatively affecting your quality of sleep. If you've been considering upgrading to a new, more supportive mattress, this is the time to do so. If a brand new bed isn't in the cards right now, add a memory foam mattress topper to your existing bed. Sleeping with a body pillow also makes it easier to get into a comfortable sleeping position that won't strain your back.

Instead of living with back pain during your entire pregnancy, follow these tips and get relief right away.