5 Signs You Might Have Hidden Accident Injuries

Posted on: 24 January 2019

You made it out of the car accident without any major scratches, bruises, or broken bones. You have nothing to worry about, right? Not exactly. While auto injury accidents commonly surface with clear, obvious signs, this scenario is the exception but not the rule. Your health and safety after an accident are critically important, so it's essential you know how to recognize some telltale signs that might indicate you have an underlying injury.

1. Neck Stiffness

If you notice any difficulty or resistance when you try to move your neck, you might be dealing with a case of whiplash, which is the result of your head swiftly swinging backwards and then quickly plunging forward. Whiplash is a common accident injury and is typically not serious in nature, but it is one that typically takes some time to surface. 

2. Headaches

A headache is an injury that you should never ignore, especially after a car accident. A headache, especially one that doesn't seem to go away on its own, might indicate the presence of a fracture in your skull. A fracture in your skull will create an area of pressure around the injury site, which will generally surface in the form of a headache. 

3. Swelling

Be mindful of any areas of your body where you notice swelling. Swelling is the result of increased blood flow to a particular area, which is often the result of an injury. For example, swelling around the head might indicate a head injury, such as a skull fracture. Swelling around your stomach can be a sign of internal bleeding. 

4. Psychological Trauma 

An accident injury doesn't just have to manifest in a physical form. You might even experience a psychological injury. If you find it challenging to ride in a vehicle or you have vivid nightmares about your accident, it could be that you have a case of PTSD. Even if you don't consider the injury physical in nature, you still need to be seen by a professional. 

5. Back Pain

Your back is made up of a number of different nerves, ligaments, and muscles. Due to the force of a collision, it's easy for one of these areas to sustain an injury, such as a pinched nerve or torn ligament. The thing to remember about back injuries is that they don't necessarily go away without treatment, so you need to have the injury diagnosed to get the right treatment. 

If you have any inclination you have an auto accident–related injury, it's essential you get to the bottom of the matter. Visit an injury expert who can perform a full-scale examination to identify any injuries you might have suffered. Get in touch with a company such as Physical Rehabilitation Centers for more information.