Why Chiropractic Care Is A Smart Choice For Posture-Related Back Pain

Posted on: 6 April 2021

Many cases of mild to moderate back pain are due to posture. If you're not careful to keep your shoulders back and look straight ahead while you sit at your desk all day, you can put a lot of strain on your spine, leading to back pain. Some people pop pain relievers to deal with posture-related back pain. Others may turn to more invasive techniques like cortisone injections. But chiropractic care really does tend to be the best choice for managing posture-related back pain. Here's why.

There are no side effects to worry about.

Posture-related back pain can be an ongoing issue that you deal with for years — or for as long as you have a certain job. If you're taking a pain reliever every time you have this pain, or if you're going in for cortisone shots every three months, you do need to be wary of side effects. NSAID pain relievers can cause gastrointestinal damage. Cortisone shots come with a risk of nerve damage and infection. Chiropractic care does not cause any side effects, aside from possibly some mild soreness the day after an adjustment. It's a much safer choice for this chronic issue.

Chiropractic care addresses the root of the problem.

So many other back pain remedies focus on masking the pain itself, or on eliminating inflammation in the muscles near the spine. Chiropractic adjustments tackle the back pain at its source. They realign your spine after weeks or months of bad posture have pushed it out of alignment. This realigning reduces tension on your muscles and pressure on your nerves, thereby alleviating your pain. The pain relief you get from an adjustment is therefore longer-lasting. You may only need an adjustment every two or three weeks to remain pain-free.

It will be easier to maintain good posture after an adjustment.

After your spine is adjusted, you will also have an easier time sitting up straight, since your spine won't pull on your back muscles every time you try to do so. Your posture may still not be perfect, but if it's even 25% better than it was before your adjustment, you'll experience less strain on your back in the long run, which should reduce your pain.

Posture-related back pain is so common among those who work at a desk. Don't rely on pain killers or shots to manage it. Visit a chiropractor for a safer, longer-lasting solution. 

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