Three Important Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Options

Posted on: 9 November 2021

Healing from injuries will help you get your life back to normal. Many injuries can be healed completely with physical rehabilitation treatment, rather than having to get surgery. Learning what goes into rehabilitation treatment will help you understand the recovery process, and hiring the right clinic will chart the most efficient path to recovery. Consider the tips below to learn all about bouncing back from injuries with the help of rehab professionals. 

#1: Get up to date info on the injury you suffered and learn how rehab can help with it

Consult with a physician to learn the exact nature of the injury. The doctor will give take X-Rays and medical images that show the specific injury location and severity. Your physical therapist will study these images and the diagnosis to create the physical therapy regimen that helps you recover. 

Some of the trickiest physical injuries to rehabilitate include a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a Tommy John injury, extensive back pain, and broken legs. Bouncing back from an ACL tear can take you 8 months to 12 months or more, while issues like chronic back pain can have various timetables depending on the root cause of the pain. 

#2: Seek the help of a clinic that offers physical rehabilitation services

Find a physical rehabilitation treatment company that specializes in the types of injuries you suffered. These clinics focus on things like elderly injuries, sports rehab, recovery from car accidents, and worker's compensation injuries. The number of weeks and sessions that you will dedicate to physical therapy depends on the severity of the injuries, your fitness level, the type of exercises in the rehab program, and other factors. You might pay as little as $25 per appointment when your health insurance covers it, and as much as $150 per appointment if you can't or don't use health insurance. 

#3: Prep mentally for the recovery and provide yourself every opportunity to heal

You are always the one that puts in the work in rehab sessions, regardless of the clinic's skill and guidance. Prepare yourself mentally for each session and show up ready to push a little beyond your current limitations each time. Your rehab specialist will typically give you homework assignment exercises to do on your own time. 

You can also continue to elevate your injury, apply cold packs and heating pads, and use the tub to soak your injuries. Regular Epsom salt baths are great for your physical pain, stress relief, and to take care of your skin and muscles. 

Use these three tips and contact a physical rehabilitation treatment center for more information.